Work in the morning, the long drive home, Saturday nights out—it’s hard enough to keep a schedule straight. Time isn’t easy to find, and spending too much of it on your hair isn’t something you want to do. This is why Bruno’s Barbers has come up with a hairwax that cuts down your grooming time. And the less effort you need, the sooner you can get things done.

With a unique formulation that keeps your hair in place without weighing it down, Bruno’s Hairwax packs enough hold to last all day. So you can do what you need to do, without having to worry about your style. Because looking good doesn’t have to be complicated.

Bruno’s Hairwax comes in two variants, Active and Classic. Just two choices, so you can keep your hair steady while keeping your life easy.

Classic is for the man who wants to look his best without going through all the fuss. A small bit of wax, a run-through with the comb and the light formulation takes care of the rest, getting you ready for the office and everything that comes after. Classic keeps your hair polished and refined with a natural, medium shine, while the sweet, fresh scent stays with you even in the off hours. Because of its medium hold, you can even restyle your hair after a long day at work.

Active is for the man on the go who doesn’t want to worry about the little things. With a fresh, cool scent that’s right at home under the sun, at the bar, or on the streets. It has a great level of hold which is good for bold hairstyles. Its strong hold keeps your hair in place all day, letting you get around after a light dab and a quick pat.

But easy styling is nothing without easy maintenance. And this is why Bruno’s Hairwax is specially made to rinse off without any trouble, leaving no residue behind. By the time you get home, it’s just a quick wash at the end of the day, and you’re ready for the next one.

Looking good doesn’t need a lot of effort, because it’s the other things that need doing. And now you can live the way you want, while looking the way you deserve.

Bruno’s Hairwax comes in 75g tubs you can use at home, or smaller 40g ones that you can take with you, so you can style wherever you are.

Active or Classic. Big or small. Those are the only options you need. Two simple choices, so you can always keep it easy.

Bruno’s Hairwax is available at select Bruno’s Barbers branches and select Watsons outlets.

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