Keep it Easy

Bruno’s releases a new kind of hair wax that lets you take the barbershop experience home, all while keeping things simple.

Bearded or shaven, a shirt in black or white, rubber or leather—looking good doesn’t have to be complicated. And it’s these simple choices that make your life easier, because the day can get busy real fast. The less effort you need, the sooner you can get things done.

And this is why Bruno’s created its own line of hair wax. No fuss. No nonsense. Just a straight up wax that holds all day and washes off without any trouble.

Bruno’s Hairwax comes in Active and Classic. Just two choices, so you can keep your hair steady while keeping your life easy.

Active lets you do the things you want without worrying about how you look. The strong hold stays on when you head out to get in the sun, and the cool scent matches your fast pace.

Classic keeps your hair in place from meeting to meeting, so you can face the daily grind. It’s got a medium shine and a fresh scent that says “I just got out of the shower.”

By the time you get home, it’s just a quick wash at the end of the day, and you’re ready for the next one.

For 26 years, people have been coming to Bruno’s to get a haircut and maybe a shave, with a bit of a massage right after. But it doesn’t have to end there. Bruno’s wants you to

take the straight-from-the-barbershop look with you, so you can keep looking great until the next cut. Bruno’s Hairwax comes in 70g tubs that you can leave near the bathroom mirror, or smaller 40g ones that you can take with you, for the times when you have to style on the go.

Active or classic. Big or small. Those are the only options you need. Two simple choices that can take you from just looking good to looking your best.


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